Live Recording

Olive Lane - Isolation Experimentation

This series of recordings was produced throughout the COVID-19  lockdown in 2020.  The tracks were recorded individually by all of the members across the North West, and then collated, mixed and mastered by Shaun Brady. 

This was a challenging project, as recording remotely introduced new challenges.  It required a much more in depth focus on the mixing process, to ensure the parts glued together and gave the impression that the whole ensemble was performing, and was being captured in the same space.

Recorded in May 2020.  Performed by:

Joe Parker, Joe Nickson, Nick Murphy, Shaun Brady, Rob Ashton, Maica Lavigne.

Pressure - Josh Poole

Produced as part of a portfolio of recordings at the University of Salford, this piece was arranged by Josh Poole.  It was tracked and recorded live, with all of the performers playing at the same time across multiple rooms.  As it was the debut performance of  the arrangement, we felt as though the ensemble would benefit from recording live allowing them to read and interpret the music together.

With lots of instruments and sound effects, the ensemble sounded great together.  This meant that the mixing process was more aimed at experimenting with different sounds & bringing the arrangement to life.

Recorded in November 2019 at New Adelphi Studios.  Performed by:

Josh Poole, Aaron Wood, Andy Patterson, James Girling, Joe Luckin, Liviu Gheorghe.

Skylark - Shaun Brady

A live recording put together in the New Adelphi Band Room.  Performed in an assessment environment, this piece was recorded live in front of a small intimate audience.

The mix was all about creating a live atmosphere, and expressing the different characteristics of all of the instruments across the quartet.


Recorded in January 2020 at New Adelphi Studios.  Performed by:

Shaun Brady, Robin Dewhurst, Chris Rogers, Nikolas Kallithrakas.

Stand By Beautiful Girls - Shaun Brady

An early multi-track recording bringing together musicians at the University of Salford.  Arranged by Shaun Brady, the mashup of pieces was recorded individually, capturing each musicians individuality and creative ideas / processes.

Recorded in January 2019 at New Adelphi Studios.  Performed by:

Rob Ashton, Shaun Brady, Adam Pearsall, Chris Rogers, Anthony Hickey


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