Hooked Live Party Band


If you're not already, you will be soon! Hooked Live Party Band is a five piece Wedding and Special Event collective of professional musicians from the North West. A fresh, fun, dynamic live party band bringing the songs you love to your dancefloor.

The standard line up consists of vocals, guitar, bass, saxophone and drums. You can also choose to add additional vocalists, a keys player or a bigger horn section.

And what could make this better - they're the official Ultimate Productions LTD House Band!

With an extensive repetoire list filled with some of the greatest songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's, you can personally select the tracks you'd like to hear.

The band offers advice on ordering the tracks into logical set-lists, which will then be played over two 45 minute sets throughout your evening.

The band also work with our pro DJ team, meaning you can have varied evening of professional entertainment with the very best audio and lighting equipment around.

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Not just any Live Band

Experienced musicians

Populated with some of the most in-demand musicians in the North West with years of experience at high profile festivals, weddings and events.

Sample and sound libraries

Pre-recorded sounds and instrumental voices played live to re-create.

Professional equipment

The latest digital desk, talkback and in ear monitoring mean the musicians can perform at their very best.

Acoustic Sets Available

Afternoon and daytime performances of your favourite songs can be performed acoustically.

Meet the band

Rob Ashton
Nick Murphy
Joe Parker
Dave Murray
Shaun Brady